When is it Time to Find a New Mobile App Development Partner: A Guide for Enterprises

There are, on occasion, situations that force you to reconsider your mobile app development partner. Maybe your previous partner was unable to continue working on the partner due to internal forces. Maybe you’ve discovered you prefer the approach a different company uses and you like to change things. Or, just maybe, half-way through development it […]

6 Common Product Strategy Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Mobile app development projects fail to achieve market success for many reasons. Poor UX design, lack of originality, inability to deliver value, among other reasons, are the most prominent. However, more commonly, product failure is attributed to a flawed mobile app planning phase.  Quality mobile apps begin with pinpointing a very particular user need the […]

How to Choose the Best Features for Your Mobile App

  For the first version of your mobile app, you want to build a simple and intuitive user experience. Any feature that disrupts the intuitiveness of the experience is not worth having.    Your app needs to fill a gap in the user’s life – it needs to serve a clear purpose – but it […]

The Essential Guide to Mobile App User Acquisition

  Many companies often underestimate the time, effort, and resources needed for app awareness and acquisition before and after launching a mobile app. After a user has onboarded, you have a lot of data to work with such as retention, engagement, daily sessions, and lifetime value to gauge success. But how do you start gaining […]